She Broke my new Iphone 11
Flying Beast
Vlog # 104
Rrashi broke my new Iphone 11, it was just 66 months old. auur uske saath hi mera saara data ... swaahaaa..
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  • 2500 Subscribers with NO video Challenge
    2500 Subscribers with NO video Challenge

    Flying beast?? ke liye dil se ek like to banta hai Thoko like..... Jo Mera Comment Like Kar Raha Hai Uske har dream pure ho jaye ? Ek Subscribe Karna.... 2k karwado plz... 2k Target please?

  • Priscilla Pereira
    Priscilla Pereira

    🤣🤣🤣Flying phone

  • Priyanka Jadhav
    Priyanka Jadhav

    Paise wale log hai... aur dusra le lege....hum middle class family jaise nhi we don't investment 1st of all on phone lacs of rupees

  • Aryaman Sharan
    Aryaman Sharan

    Why would you buy iphone again🙄. It's one the most structurally weak phone out there in the market with no value for money

  • OdiNGoD PUBG
    OdiNGoD PUBG

    1 lakh gir gaye 🤣


    I started watching your videos yesterday and I m addicted now 🥺

  • Parth

    😫😫 rip iphone

  • Stop Negativity
    Stop Negativity

    1:05 #RIP 😢

  • Jyoti Patekar
    Jyoti Patekar

    The way rashu said sorry melted my heart and she realised her mistake and it seemed on her face and sorry Love yoü rashu 😘

  • animesh chauhan
    animesh chauhan

    newton's law of gravity was successfully tested by rashu but with a wrong apple

  • Mandeep Kaur
    Mandeep Kaur

    She might need yout more time to play with her... rather than her Papa spend tym more with phone... that's why she throw the mobile 😍

  • mahi

    hayye meri jaan kitni cute se sorry bola..kisi ka bhi dil pigal jayegaaa


    Don't worry boss, she will join Indian army to through bomb to enemies....

  • Shinobi Plays
    Shinobi Plays

    Mask se chasme pe fog jam jati ha 😭😭🤓 Kya karu dikh bhi nhi rha video

  • amayra amayra
    amayra amayra

    8767376805-I can retrive any iPhone data

  • Gurucharan Iyer
    Gurucharan Iyer

    Rashu: toh tu hai fasad ka jad, mere sweet papa ko busy rakhne main, thapp... Problemo solvo...🥰😂

  • Divyam Jaat
    Divyam Jaat

    Yesterday i broke my iphone 11 but thank god i already had insurance 😂😂

    • Somil professional studio
      Somil professional studio

      Bade log😒😒

  • Ps Sp
    Ps Sp

    Sir i like ur videos, bt simple thing baccho ke hath costly chhez mat do. Iphone ke kharch mein garib ka 1saal ka rashan aata hain.

  • Shlok Sengar
    Shlok Sengar

    When I threw Nokia from 3rd floor to ground floor My father abhey saale and after seeing that Nokia phones does not brokes but floor brokes he came and say abhey saale kuch na kuch tujhe thodna thaaa phir hoga tamasha De chappal de chappal and de khili khili aur akhiri mein de juthe 🙄🙄🙄 This is middle class family story


    Phone : rip

  • rajakannan nadar
    rajakannan nadar

    So cute

  • Vinay ambhore
    Vinay ambhore

    Dear Abki phone sambhal ke rakhna, aur Rashu ke samne mat nikalna , kyuki hum baccho ka time hu phone ko de dete hai.

  • Jay Singh Sandhu
    Jay Singh Sandhu

    Flying beast this guy you took the phone to first doesn’t know about iPhones data recover hojata and after fixing the phone ur cameras would work fine

  • abcc abc
    abcc abc

    My father was same..if I say sorry he hugs me...he passed away 2018 miss him. much

  • Nakul Mitra
    Nakul Mitra

    your residence is near to mine

  • Neeraj Ramola
    Neeraj Ramola

    Only Rashbhari has courage to break iPhone...

  • Enter10 Ment
    Enter10 Ment

    कौन कौन अपने पापा को अपना आइडियल मानता है🙏 👇

  • Raghav Singhi
    Raghav Singhi


  • Rahul Naitam
    Rahul Naitam

    China ho jayega Or asia telecom jabalpur bhejo shyad ho jaye

  • Sanskar Jaiswal
    Sanskar Jaiswal

    The way she said sorry that was so cute watched that in a loop continuously 💘♥️ she understood everything she is a such a grownup

  • Amna Hassan
    Amna Hassan

    Koi baat nahin Ashok ke Papa Ho le lenge so cute 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • Sukhwinder Sran
    Sukhwinder Sran

    add me in pubg

  • Sima Singh
    Sima Singh


  • krishna dhavan
    krishna dhavan

    Video 2019- we had bad fight and she (ritu) broke my Vlogging camera! video 2020- (rasshu) she broke my new iPhone 11 (ritu mam be like - beti kiski hai! 😂


    I was just imagining ki agar mere se mere papa ka phone neeche gir jaata toh Le belt and chappal - aaj. mera sabse sahi use hone wala hai

    • Pranshav Vyas
      Pranshav Vyas

      Aap 2 saal k ho

  • indi123


  • Parveen Devi
    Parveen Devi

    Who is watching his vlogs mainly for the cute rashbhari

  • Noob style gaming
    Noob style gaming

    Once i accidently broke a tap My father collected all the chappals and shoes together then throw towards me then hold a good and strong chappal and hit on my back.

    • Pranshav Vyas
      Pranshav Vyas

      Aap 2 sal ke the tb

  • Karabi Gogoi
    Karabi Gogoi

    Gaurav bhaya muje rona agaya.... Rashi ne itni cute se apko sorry bola.... So cute rashi . Lots of love from Assam.

  • Sujon Khan
    Sujon Khan


  • umesh kandalkar
    umesh kandalkar

    Rashi breaks iphone Rashi:phone piti papa sorry Le Gaurav Taneja:paari kar dey I break chai ka cup My mom: chappal kaha hai meri My dad : khopdi tod saale ki

  • Dynamic Army
    Dynamic Army

    The girl is so cute 😍

  • Viswajith Ajithkumar
    Viswajith Ajithkumar

    6:40 😂😂

  • pubg pro
    pubg pro

    She is trying to become Mr Indian hacker 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Bloody Gamer
    Bloody Gamer

    Aapki beti bahut cute hai bilkul Rajkumari😊😊😊😊

  • Ashu

    Are data recover ho jata hai ..... Bhale hi board tut bhi gaya ho .... Apka to sirf band hua tha

  • Monish Singhal
    Monish Singhal

    Flying beast at the moment when phone broke: arre beta ye kya kar diya 😭😭😭 Flying beast after 5 days: Ritu par tune ek baat notice ki apni bachhi kitni hoshiyar hai usne bhi law of gravity newton ki tarah apple par hi use kara 😂😂😂

    • Monish Singhal
      Monish Singhal


  • Areeb Hasan
    Areeb Hasan

    Rich people things🤫😉😂😂😂😂

  • बाबा हेमु
    बाबा हेमु

    Rashbari is just doing durability test

  • celestial

    She broke your phone in protest. She wants salary.

  • Jyotishman Bhattacharjee
    Jyotishman Bhattacharjee

    Meri bhi i phone 8s tuthithi bhai. Insurance me claim hua warna to nokia hi le leta

  • Gautam vashisht
    Gautam vashisht

    Sir is this janakpuri district centre?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Gulshan Jabbar Khan
    Gulshan Jabbar Khan

  • Apoorva Sreekantaswamy #KeepTrending
    Apoorva Sreekantaswamy #KeepTrending

    Who agrees to my point being kid is being advantage that your parents can't beat u😬

    • Noob style gaming
      Noob style gaming

      @Pranshav Vyas 9-10

    • Pranshav Vyas
      Pranshav Vyas

      @Noob style gaming ap 2 sal k the

    • Noob style gaming
      Noob style gaming

      Mujhe to ek baar maar maar k meri gaand sujadi thi😂😂

  • Vithoba jadhav
    Vithoba jadhav

    she is so cute I wish I had a brother or sister like her

  • Ishan Patil
    Ishan Patil

    She was So cute cute cute and so sweet

  • Ayushi Khemka
    Ayushi Khemka

    Rasbari ya Kay Kiya apana

  • Somesh Bhandari
    Somesh Bhandari

    Yrr Dil aa gya Rashi pe jese usne sorry bolA she is so so loving child yrr

  • Dhillon Lakhwinder
    Dhillon Lakhwinder

    I too had a similar incident. I was also near about the age of rashi and what I did is that I was eating Lichi's and playing that snake game in phone( in the nokia button phone😅). While I was playing that game I realised that the phone as well as my hand got sticky. So I washed the phone with soap and water in the basin with the thought that mom dad would be happy that I cleaned the phone. But little did I know that phone got completely cleaned😂😅😂( btw its was 2000s where nokia phone was also very expensive)

    • Anas Alam
      Anas Alam

      Lol 😇😂😂

    • Banisha Sinha
      Banisha Sinha

      Gopi bahu.........

    • Anchal Raturi
      Anchal Raturi

      Gopi bahu is that you 🤣🤣🤣


      Hahaha innocent you

  • Niyati Ghai
    Niyati Ghai

    Ritu and Gaurav : Yaar bade boring vlogs hain😩 Rashi : Phir yeh lo content🤣🤣😜